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Why Advertise With Us?

Businesses have discovered that, as online destinations and advertising choices are abound, it is more important than ever to put their best message in front of their best customers.  Associate your company with very popular local content from a trusted brand.

Partner with Bethel Bulletin

Bethel Connecticut’s Online News and Information Source

     >  Over 20,000 Page views Per Month!

     >  43% Current Growth Rate

     >   Be in front of  Thousands of Users!

     >   Large Local Audience.

     >   Large New Visitor % Keeps you In Front of Fresh Customers

     >   Visitors come from Bethel, Redding, Danbury, Newtown and other surrounding areas.

     >   All banners are static, meaning your ad won’t rotate with another ad. You own your advertising spot!

We are the most cost effective advertising getting your business 10’s of thousands of impressions*.

Our rates start off at Only $49 Per Month on BethelBulletin.com

Email advertising costs start at only $20 per week!

Facebook promotions to an audience of over 3500.

Contact us today for more information about advertising with Bethel Bulletin.

Email: publisher@bethelbulletin.com
Phone: (203) 364-4019


Studies show that visitors to websites are more likely to trust advertising from newspaper websites than from other websites. “Ads placed on content sites raise brand favorability and purchase intent significantly more than ads run on portals. (Source: OPA – “Improving Ad Performance Online: The Impact of Advertising on Branded Content Sites,” Aug/08).

Numbers are based on an advertisement placed on BethelBulletin.com during the current month of October 2015 as verified by Google Analytics.

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