Art Gallery Pops Up In Bethel

Art Gallery Pops Up In  Bethel

Bethel CT- After nearly a year of being vacant, 262 Greenwood Ave. is getting a new life as a gallery. Pop Up Art Bethel opens on Saturday, June 30, as a gallery where the work of 25 award-winning artists from Connecticut and New York will be exhibited through July. But there’s a catch: it’s temporary. So you have to get there while you can! The reception on Saturday is 2 to 5 p.m., and after that gallery hours will be: Thurs-Sun, June 30-July 30, 2-9:30 p.m.

Pop up art shows revitalize communities, especially during recessions, and support art and the artists, said Michael Seri, organizer and artist. “It brings people together to share common ideas about art and life.”

Pop Up Art Bethel is a cutting edge fine art show with works in a range of styles and genres, in all sizes and media, from photographs, paintings, charcoal drawings and pottery to life size sculptures. Styles run from traditional to contemporary, the moods from whimsical to somber.

Several pieces in the show utilize recycled materials that would have been trash, but instead are transformed into art. This “detritus art” encourages people to repurpose found objects, and protect the environment by recycling.

The opening reception on Saturday features Tonal Eclipse, a three-piece jazz band. Wine and food will be served. For more information, call host Michael Seri at 203-512-9129.

The list of artists, including Joseph Farris, cartoonist for the New Yorker, follows:

Erin Nazzaro

Frank Post

Tarol Samuelson

Katie Bassett

Eric Camiel

Leslie Pelino

Bibiana Matheis

Nicole Cudzilo

Juan Andreu

Michael Morris

Joseph Farris

Tara Burgess

Ival stratford-Kovner

Judith Wyer

Suzanne Ross

Tanya Kukucka

Kathleen Benton

Keith Dube

FranK Kara

Chris Durante

Kenny Hess

Justin Buto

F. Henry-Meehan

Jim Felice

Michael Seri

For more information, contact

Michael Seri

Pop Up Art Productions (PUAP)


Photos courtesy of Bethel Photoworks  located at 14 Depot Place  Bethel, CT 203-748-1999