Bethel Board Of Education awards Kaoud Family with Salute to Excellence award

Bethel Board Of Education awards Kaoud Family with Salute to Excellence award

Bethel CT-  Last night  Bethel’s First Selectman, and Bethel  Board of Education recognized the significant donation made by Mr. and Mrs. Isam Kaoud during  a reception to honor  Isam and Paola Kaoud of Bethel  for their generous donation of security equipment to the Bethel Public Schools. The Kaoud’s were presented with a Salute to Excellence award during The Bethel Board of Educations annual meeting

Dr. Smith asked everyone to please join him  in thanking Mr. and Mrs. Isam Kaoud for their very generous donation of nearly $50,000 to assist our efforts in upgrading school safety and security objectives at Berry and Rockwell schools. Following the December 14th tragedy in Newtown, Mr. Kaoud approached school administrators with an offer to help support our efforts to improve security hardware.

Numerous security enhancements have been made since December 14th, including hardening school entryways, expanding  capacity to electronically monitor the interior and exterior of the buildings, and implementing enhanced emergency response systems. While the board of Ed is  pursuing an “all hazards” approach to improving safety and security and are in the midst of conducting comprehensive building and grounds audits, one thing they have learned in the wake of the Newtown tragedy is that they need to have the capacity to delay intruders and shorten police response time. The upgrades we have made to date contribute to achieving those objectives.  Mr. Smith says he will  continue to update the community as they make progress in this arena.

Paola & Isam Kaoud shared this sentiment wtih us on their decison to donate to our schools.

We would like to say that like with all of you, Dec. 14th, 2012 filled us with so much emotion, the emotion that was the driving force in our decision to face reality; the reality that our most precious possessions could be at risk; the reality that none of us ever imagined this could happen to little angels; the reality that, as much as any school system desires to prevent this from happening again, there are many things for a town to consider, such as costs, amount of schools to be protected, timing, etc; Finally, the reality that with some sacrifices, we were fortunate enough to be able to help. We decided to approach this in a “must-do-now” frame of mind and we thank Kevin Smith, The Board of Ed and all involved for allowing us to participate and apply our security ideas that have now been implemented as the “blueprints” within the Elementary Schools. We know this soon will be carried on to the Johnson and Middle School. We did need to make some sacrifices, yet the money can always be replaced while more precious things are impossible to replace. We are extremely happy, more secure and at more peace of mind knowing we were able to instill this security now with the thought that the rest of our schools will benefit sooner rather than later. While the schools and town can do their share, we do understand that it can get overwhelming. So, we vow to stand by the Administration to see that it does happen and to help if needed. May God Bless all of our children everywhere and keep them protected and safe