Bethel Fire Department Cadet Members demonstrate their skills

On May 1st The Bethel Fire department Cadets, which are members between the ages of 16 and 18 years old were able to give a demonstration of some of what they have learned in their time with the department before an audience of friends and family.

Chief Scott Murphy said that “This event was put together as a close out of the year, as many of the cadets will be graduating and going on to school, as well as some who have moved on to Probationary status which are members that are 18 years old and are one step away from regular membership with us as well. “  Training officer and Fire Captain Brendan Ryan said” I feel it’s important for the families and friends of these very talented young men and women to get an opportunity  to see some of the skills they have learned in a demonstration format where they have good visibility to the scenarios and their ability to safely operate in them.”

The Cadets were “dispatched” by the evenings Safety Officer Assistant Chief Ed Bruey to the first of the scenarios which was a Motor vehicle accident with multiple patients as well as one trapped beneath one of the cars.  The ambulance crew had to triage the patients based on the severity of their “wounds” while the rescue truck group worked on stabilizing the vehicles and getting the patient “Rescue Randy” out from under the car using the trucks hydraulic tools and auto cribbing devices. The patient was then taken through two minutes of CPR on the scene, while the less injured patients were splinted and made ready to transport to the hospital to conclude the first scenario.

The second scenario was a simulated car fire which was dispatched to the remaining cadets who arrived on engine 5, and upon their arrival on the scene were directed by command to pull a 1 ¾ hose to extinguish the fire.  The cadets pulled and made the hose ready to advance while putting on their SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) one cadet held the fire in place with a water fire extinguisher in advance of the hose team, once the fire was knocked down the second scenario was completed.

After both scenarios were completed all guests were invited back into the firehouse to enjoy dinner with the cadets and the Bethel Firefighters museum was also made available for tours before dinner was served.

During Dinner First Selectman Matthew Knickerbocker who was a special guest for the evening addressed the group of 10 cadets  to thank them for their hard work and handed them  certificates of completion of the Bethel Fire Cadet program.

The Cadet Program is open to any resident 16 – 18 years of age who is interested in Fire or EMS or both and would like to see what it’s like. Applications are available on line through the Bethel Volunteer website and are overseen by Training officer/ Captain Brendan Ryan and BFD members Jason Fehr, and Shani Burke-Specht

Photos by Jon Edford Design

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