Bethel High Prom Committee Needs Volunteers And Donations

It takes a village…PLEASE consider helping. I got this email from BHS today:


It is the only word I can come up with after our post prom meeting last night. Thank you to the 8 people that were in attendance but boy do we need a lot more!

Our spread sheet for prizes has only FOUR gift cards recorded…this will not keep the kids with us all night by any means!

-$20.00 will go a long way! PLEASE donate-

Freshmen parents-could you spend $20 and get 4-$5 gift cards to an ice cream store, a pizza place, any local eatery or business?

Sophomore parents-could you spend $20 and get 2-$10 gift cards for gas cards, coffee shops, hair cuts, food places?

Junior parents-could you spend $20 for one gift card to Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohls, Staples, Costco, BJ’s?

Senior parents- we need cash donations!!!!

*We need 12 more people for our minute to win it games that are played when the kids first come back from the prom.

*Extra hands for set-up which will begin after the kids leave the school around 5:15pm

I can not express enough the importance of participating in this potential life saving event. For every year it is great, the following year the kids all attend because they know what they either heard or see if they attend the post prom. It is what keep them with us until the early morning hours. This “gift” to the students and parents of our community has been taking place for over 25 years, it is not an event we want to see fade away. A controlled, safe, supervised, alcohol and drug free environment is what we need to keep giving our children after attending senior prom.

Thank you …..we need you!

Donations can be mailed to the High school, your child can drop them off to me at school or you can drop them off at our meeting next Thursday at 7pm in room 203.

Please email me with any questions or if you can help with set-up or minute to win it games.

Denise Musser


bethel high school