Bethel Resident Tom Burke Announces Candidacy For CT State Represntative

Bethel Resident Tom Burke Announces Candidacy For CT State Represntative

Thomas Burke is proud to announce his candidacy for Connecticut State Representative of District 2, which includes parts of Bethel, Newtown, Redding, and Danbury. After fighting as an infantry Marine in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Burke is charged for the opportunity to fight for the voices of his constituency to be heard in Hartford. He is committed to working for the community, has demonstrated time and time again he is a leader with integrity, and has shown he will fight for what is right. Following Representative Dan Carter’s announcement that he is no longer seeking reelection, our district deserves a fresh face, one who is willing and able to be a dedicated asset to our community and will be capable of working with legislators to bring business back to Connecticut.

Committed to the community, Burke has been a member of St. Mary’s parish his whole life, growing up volunteering for Special Olympics and for other causes such as the Scotty Fund. A graduate of Bethel High School, Burke has a proven track record of fighting for the vulnerable populations whose voices are not being heard. The Burke name has long been known for service in Bethel, from his grandfather helping start the Bethel Parks and Recreation department to his mother, the founder and former President of the Bethel Youth Lacrosse Association.

Enlisting in the USMC at only 17, he has since returned from war to receive his Bachelor’s degree from Sacred Heart University and is now a Master’s of Divinity Candidate at Yale University. As a representative of the Ivy League Veterans Council, Burke has demonstrated how vital reintegrating veterans into society through the classroom is. While in Iraq and Afghanistan, Burke learned both Arabic and Pashto in order to work with locals to rid their area of Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Using those same pastoral and negotiation skills, Burke plans on learning the language that will allow him to break Hartford gridlock. The tools and lessons Burke gained growing up in Bethel instilled in him the civic duty and deep faith that motivated him to serve his community.

Throughout his life Burke has shown that he is a fighter. Whether it is helping coach and lead a new generation of young men and women playing sports at Immaculate High School or writing Op-Ed’s to support legislation in Hartford and DC or being featured in the New York Times, Burke has shown that he is willing to stand up for justice. Now he is looking forward to the opportunity to fight for the constituents of District 2. Instead of sending another representative who won’t be able to cooperate with his colleagues, our district deserves a leader forged by combat who will show enough humility and tact to create a dialogue with partners from both sides of the aisle.
Bethel Democratic Chair Nick Vitti says he is, “excited at the prospect of such an impressive candidate,” and Burke is looking forward to working with party leadership in this upcoming election. Hartford has been weighed down by negativity from career politicians and is need of someone with Burke’s experience and training to work tirelessly at making our state a better place. Fairfield County is the only area of the state that has seen any population growth, with Burke in charge we can look forward to forging partnerships that will continue to reinvigorate this great state of Connecticut.

Thomas Burke, “ This is the community I grew up in, the community that instilled in me the values that made me the man I am today, the man who fought for his flag and continues to serve his home.”

“I am looking forward to begin my campaign to show the people of Bethel, Newtown, Danbury, and Redding how committed I am to this community. I plan to be a fighter for them in Hartford, where I will bring much needed integrity to our state legislature.”

Tom Burke

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